• On My Table – Cuba Libre

    On My Table – Cuba Libre

    In the early months of when I first discovered my passion for solo-gaming, I was recommended Volko Ruhnke’s COIN series. I started with the eighth game in the series, Pendragon: The Fall of Roman Britain, and I absolutely fell in love with it as a solitaire experience. I’ll go into detail about that particular game… Read more

  • On My Table – Resist!

    On My Table – Resist!

    Resist! is not a big game by any measurement. Its box is small, its rules are light, and its game length is short (about 30 minutes). There was a time not long ago that I would have ignored it completely just on those metrics, but what a fool I would have been to pass up… Read more

  • On My Table – Combat Commander: Europe

    On My Table – Combat Commander: Europe

    Combat Commander: Europe doesn’t just simulate a moment in history. It tells a story that feels incredibly true, yet there is also nothing predetermined about the outcome. You get to fully experience the precarious nature of history. Every single decision feels important. Every single card flip matters. When one of your squads succeeds, you feel… Read more

  • On My Table – Inis

    On My Table – Inis

    At least once a year, my spouse and kids agree to play Inis with me, and I always cherish every second of those game sessions. When I get to unpack the tarot-sized deck, plastic miniatures, and oddly-shaped tiles, my imagination is already fully-invested in this new reality, and I can think of no better way… Read more

  • On My Table – Calico

    On My Table – Calico

    Calico’s entire vibe is cozy. The cats are too cute, and the quilt pieces look so comfy that you almost want to take a nap right on top of your player board. However, don’t get too comfortable because underneath the cozy facade is a brutal brain-burner of a puzzle that will have your knuckles clenched… Read more

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