Poem: Space

By Henri Whitehead When I, a young adolescent, would stare at the stars above, I felt both simultaneously frightened and fascinated. Because like many before, I wanted to understand the rules That spun the Earth round And built roads from rubble. I wanted to see the cardboard walls That held together this game of life, … Continue reading Poem: Space

Poem: Daisy

Daisy By Henri Whitehead Gatsby believed in the green light. And for much of my twenties, I searched for that same sweet signal That calls to us all when we parade through social media, announcing  success of life, But in secret reunions with our consciences, We know that light was never really found, And will … Continue reading Poem: Daisy

Poem: Tiny House

By Henri Whitehead In our tiny house, We’ll live by the trees. The tranquility of a pond, Will sooth our troubled minds. In our tiny house, We’ll snuggle in the shade, Our TV will be the window, The squirrels, an acting troupe. In our tiny house, We’ll read by moonlight, The fates that our written, … Continue reading Poem: Tiny House