I’ve been making great progress this week with my upcoming novel Great is Our Sin, but  I wanted to update everyone about the progress of the other novel I’m working on. It’s still in its early phases, but I have enough direction that I feel comfortable talking about it. Basically, it started out as a pet project where I wanted to do some side writing in the style of one of my favorite writers Douglas Adams, and its morphed into the beginnings of a novel. It still doesn’t have a working title, but the story so far involves a man who is forced to sell the remaining years of his life to a corporation. With this book, I want to explore how people feel trapped in their careers and situations, and how sometimes it feels like there is no possible way out. I also want to depict a society where we let corporations integrate way too far into our lives. I always laugh at the fact that people watched the Superbowl ads early, and doing so, they had to watch ads just to watch ads. Anyways, the book is mostly satirical, and anyone looking for heavy handed drama should look elsewhere. I’m hoping that this book makes the spirit of Douglas Adams proud. Again, if you would like to see a snippet of the story in its current form, just like and comment on the post. If there is interest, I will make it happen.

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